Simple & easy fixes prior to Listing a Home for Sale

Table Rock Realty Group

5 Easy To Do Tips to Sell Your Home

Simple Kitchen/Bathroom Updates:

Transformation of tired cabinets

Typically any updates that you do in a kitchen you will get upwards of 80% return on investment and kitchen & bathrooms sell homes.  But keep it simple, add a back splash, fixtures or counter tops, or paint tired cabinets and stay  neutral.  You can get lots of great tips and classes at your nearest home improvement store or search the internet for “ideas” on sites like Pinterest or Houzz.  By freshening up these rooms your homes “web presence” will be stronger and higher probability of follow through to get the potential buyer through the door.

Video Instruction on How to add Back Splash

Video Instruction on How to paint cabinets


Paint & touch-ups:

Fresh coat of a neutral paint brightens the room & gives it a fresh look.  It’s easy, just stop at your nearest home…

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