What to Consider in Buying a Home

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Without a doubt, buying a home for the first time is exciting.  It’s easy to let your emotions do the picking and  buy just on impulse.  Well don’t, there is much much more to consider than just that very nice oak tree in the backyard that reminds you of  your childhood or that house that boasts of a gourmet kitchen.  Ask yourself, have you taken everything into consideration?  Finding a perfect home that will meet ALL your needs is hard to find.  Anyone that tells you differently is lying.  The  home buying process can be stressful but the more informed and prepared you are the better.  Here are some things to consider before and during your purchase of a home.
1.    Understand how it all works. Home buying is a process. It’s not just picking a house and paying for it. Knowing the process will get you ready for all the other activities involved in…

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